It is a shop that sends design inspired by various underground cultures
under the theme of “FASTER HARDER”.
We propose edgy custom life with original items centered on stickers.


From the 80’s to the 90’s,the keyword,
that has existed inside a lot of JDM culture in the unconscious,
It was defined as an badass style for especially street racers of japan.

Music, fashion, fights, game,anime,art,
and the stimulate cultures and town of each region are always linked
to these backgrounds,and those who master them are the basis of modern styles
and giveing various influences.

“EASYSICKS” started as an independent label to express a new category
that see these as a lifework,and releasing design
that imaging all the people who exist with street styles,
with the concept that develops stickers and original fashion item.

The designer have a great passion for products
supports the JDM in both imaginary and real existing world.


An unrivaled, well-shaped, high-quality item.
Advanced technology is required to make a one sticker
look as beautiful as an exterior or wheel.

All items are carefully selected, designed and carefully hand-finished
by one Japanese designer to make your custom life wonderful.